Thinking about joining Stampin Up?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions & their Answers that I have compiled to make it easy for you to find out the basics:

If you have ANY questions at all please email me by clicking HERE and I will be very happy to help.

Q – how much do I have to buy/sell to remain a demonstrator?

A – you have to buy/sell $300 worth of products each quarter – if you are joining as a ‘hobby’ demonstrator simply to get the great discount, think of it this way – you only need to actually spend $240 each quarter because your 20% discount will take $60 off of that $300!  

Q – I’ve been a demonstrator before – can I join again?

A – absolutely YES!  If it’s been more than 3 months since you dropped, you can re-join with any demonstrator – if it’s been less than 3 months, you will need to re-join with your previous upline

Q – what are Stampin’ Up!’s quarters?

A – they run Jan-Feb, Mar-Jun, July-Sept, Oct-Dec – and the quarter that you sign up in is waived* meaning you do not have to meet your first minimums until the end of the following quarter

Q – what happens if I do not meet my first minimums at the end of a quarter?

A – on the 1st of the following month you will go into ‘Pending’ – this means that you still have FULL Demonstrator privileges for one more month BUT if you have not made your last quarter’s $300 minimums by the last day of that pending month then on the 1st of the following month you will simply drop and no longer be a Demonstrator

There are NO penalties and you get to keep everything in your Starter Kit – Stampin Up really IS that awesome!

*The quarter that you join in is waived – meaning when you join now –IN JULY – you will have until JANUARY 31st 2025 to purchase or sell your first $300 in product!

Q – do my own orders count towards the $300 minimums?

A – yes – and because of your discount when you spend $300 in merchandise it will actually only cost you $240 per quarter to be a demonstrator – got to love demo math!

Q – do my own orders qualify for hostess benefits?

A – yes – all of your own orders over $150 qualify for hostess benefits

Q – how soon can I place my first order?

A – as soon as you become a demonstrator – Stampin Up will email your demonstrator id number and log in information and you are good to go!

Q – what is my discount?

A – your regular discount is 20%

Q – will my discount increase?

A – when you promote to Bronze Elite your discount will increase to 25%

Q – can I earn more income?

A – yes, if you decide to sell to others then you also receive up to 40% commission based on your monthly sales

Q – will I be pressured to sell anything?

A – absolutely NOT – Stampin’ Up! does not put any pressure on any demonstrator to do anything ever – it is a wonderful company to be a part of – you can join simply to get a fabulous discount on your favorite crafting supplies

Q – what if I decide to not continue as a demonstrator – are there any penalties?

A – NO penalties at all!  If after purchasing your starter kit you do not want to order anything, you do not have to – you keep everything in your kit – and when you do not meet your quarterly minimum you simply ‘drop’ – simple as that!  You are not obligated to purchase anything.

What other benefits are there to becoming a demonstrator?

  • You get the opportunity to go to Stampin’ Up! events along with thousands of other demos – its lots of fun!
  • In your first 6 months you have the opportunity to earn freebies through the Quick Start Prgram
  • You get to have new items at least a month before customers get the chance to purchase them with new catalog pre-order releases
  • You get to see the brand new catalogs online a full month before customers & you get a free paper copy in the mail
  • You get the opportunity to earn free products and incentive trips based on your performance

How do I Join?

Simply & quickly by filling out an online agreement & Starter Kit form!  Make sure you have your personal details handy (including social security number) AND your list of items to put into your Starter Kit – as soon as you have completed the online paperwork, you will receive an email from Stampin’ Up! congratulating & welcoming you…

This email will also include your log-in information for the Demonstrator website – log in and you can have a good look around at everything including a special section just for new demonstrators called Stampin’ University AND you can also place your first order too – the same day as you join!