That’s right – FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS ONLY – join Stampin’ Up! for JUST $25 – isn’t that AWESOME?!

Join for 25

FROM TODAY through OCTOBER 21st Stampin’ Up! is running a FABULOUS SPECIAL STARTER KIT DEAL whereby YOU CAN JOIN FOR JUST $25!!!

This is a fabulous deal!  AND your stuff ships to you for FREE too!

In this special Starter Kit YOU get to choose $26.95 in ANY products that you like from the current Catalogs and pay $25 for them – with FREE Shipping to your door!

READY TO JOIN RIGHT NOW? To sign up online click HERE – & then click ‘Join Now’ to get started – once finished, you are instantly Demonstrator and will be able to place your first order!

Once you have joined you will be a FULL DEMONSTRATOR will all the perks…including a regular discount of 20% off of ALL of your orders and a one time 30% off of your first order of $150 – and YES you do get Hostess Benefits and all other perks that customers do too!!!

If you are planning on placing an order of more than $25 this month  you really should give it a try – you have absolutely nothing to lose and SO MUCH to gain – there are NO obligations to purchase anything else every again, and lots of fun times ahead!

Even if you order nothing again after joining, you will be a FULL ACTIVE DEMONSTRATOR from the day you join through April 30th 2014 for paying JUST $25!!! 

When you join Stampin’ Up! think of it as joining as a Member of a wonderful Club – not only do you get your priviledged discount as being part of this club, but you get so many other perks of ‘membership’ such as:

  • Access to the member-only website
  • The FREE monthly member-only  magazine delivered to your door
  • Access to the member-only forum called Stampin Connection
  • Get to attend member-only events such as Convention

It’s a great time to “try it and see if you like it”!  Join this month and you have the chance to do just that and be a member of this great club up until the end of April 2014 and then you get to decide whether you want to renew again!

BIG PERK – We have the Demonstrator Spring Mini Catalog AND Sale-a-bration Pre-order events coming up in early December – that means that as a Demonstrator YOU will get to order items from those catalogs at least a month before customers can!  AND YES – you will get the opportunity to PURCHASE items from the Sale-a-bration catalog in that time period (something that customers never have the option to do!)

AND YES – if you have been a demonstrator but dropped, you CAN JOIN AGAIN and take advantage of this fabulous promo!

Here are the details:

  • FROM OCTOBER 7th – 21st IT COSTS YOU JUST $25 to join Stampin’ Up!
  • You get to choose $26.95 in any products you like from the current catalogs and pay just $25 for it
  • It ships for FREE to your door!
  • You also get a FREE business supplies pack valued at $65 which includes a box of Annual Catalogs & pack of Holiday Catalogs to give to your friends & family
  • YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE…you have NO obligation to ever order anything again – you can join simply to get this deal…if you decide you don’t want to continue and that is perfectly OK – you get to keep everything and simply ‘drop’!

If you love Stampin’ Up!’s products, this is an AMAZING offer…you get a bunch of fabulous products in your Starter Kit, discounts on all your purchases, the opportunity to use this to build a business, a chance to earn freebies & attend events…I went to Fiji with Stampin Up and would never have had the chance to do that if I weren’t a Demonstrator!


READY TO JOIN RIGHT NOW? To sign up online click HERE – & then click ‘Join Now’ to get started – once finished, you are instantly Demonstrator and will be able to place your first order!

Here are some Commonly asked Questions & their Answers

If you have ANY questions please email me by clicking HERE and I will be very happy to help you:

Q – how much do I have to buy/sell to remain a demonstrator?

A – you have to buy/sell $300 worth of products each quarter

Q – what are Stampin’ Up!’s quarters?

A – they run Jan-Feb, Mar-Jun, July-Sept, Oct-Dec – and the quarter that you sign up in is waived – MEANING YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MEET YOUR FIRST MINIMUMS UNTIL MARCH 31st – almost 6 months to do it!

Q – what happens if I do not meet my first minimums by March 31st?

A – on April 1st you will go into ‘Pending’ – this means that you still have full Demonstrator priviledges BUT if you have not made your last quarter’s $300 minimums by April 30th then on May 1st you will simply drop and no longer be a Demonstrator – there are NO penalties and you get to keep everything in your Starter Kit – Stampin Up really IS that awesome!

Q – do my own orders count towards the $300 minimums?

A – YES – and because of your discount when you spend $300 in merchandise it will actually only cost you $240 per quarter to be a demonstrator – got to love demo math!

Q – do my own orders qualify for hostess benefits?

A – yes – all of your own orders over $150 qualify for hostess benefits

Q – how soon can I place my first order?

A – as soon as you become a demonstrator – Stampin Up will email your demonstrator id number and log in information and you are good to go!

Q – what is my discount?

A – your regular discount is 20%

Q – I heard about a special extra 10% discount when I join?

A –  you get a one-time 30% off of your first order of $150+ placed within the first 45 days of your demonstratorship – and yes, you will get all hostess benefits on that order too!

Q – can I earn more income?

A – yes, if you decide to sell to others then you also receive Volume Rebates based on your monthly sales

Q – will I be pressured to sell anything?

A – absolutely NOT – Stampin’ Up! does not put any pressure on any demonstrator to do anything ever – it is a wonderful company to be a part of – you can join simply to get a fabulous discount on your favorite crafting supplies

Q – what if I decide to not continue as a demonstrator – are there any penalties?

A – NO penalties at all!  If after purchasing your starter kit you do not want to order anything, you do not have to – you keep everything in your kit – and when you do not meet your quarterly minimum you simply ‘drop’ – simple as that!  You are not obligated to purchase anything.

What other benefits are there to becoming a demonstrator?

  • You get the opportunity to go to Regional Seminars and the exclusive annual Convention along with thousands of other demos – its lots of fun!
  • Great Rewards is a program where you earn points for your sales and promotions and can use them to choose free product and/or gift cards.
  • In your first 6 months you have the opportunity to earn free stamp sets through the Stampin’ Start program – this is very possible – I did it!
  • You get to have new items at least a month before customers get the chance to purchase them with new catalog pre-order releases
  • You get to see the brand new catalogs a full month before customers
  • You get the opportunity to earn free products and incentive trips based you your performance

READY TO JOIN? To sign up online click HERE – & then click ‘Join Now’ to get started – once finished, you are instantly Demonstrator and will be able to place your first order!

GOT QUESTIONS?  Click HERE to email them to me


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