That’s right – from today you can try this amazing software package – My Digital Studio Express – FOR FREE FOR ONE WHOLE MONTH!

No strings…no obligation…try it absolutely free – I can hardly believe this amazing opportunity – can you say wow?!

My Digital Studio is perfect for everyone – no matter your skill level or experience – because you can start from a blank canvas or use designer templates for inspiration.

How do you get your FREE ONE MONTH trial?

Click HERE to get yours now!

Want to know more about it before you download it?

Click HERE to visit – where you will find out all about it along with hints, tips, galleries and forums to give you instant online help, ideas & support!

Also take a peek at my Commonly Asked Questions & their Answers at the bottom of this post.

With the FREE 30-day trial, you’ll get:

  • Full access to the full software at NO COST for 30 days
  • Full design functionality
  • Exclusive artwork that comes with My Digital Studio Express—that’s $50 worth of content!
  • It is Windows and Mac compatible

And it’s downloadable meaning:

You get it INSTANTLY!!!  You get to play with it as soon as you have downloaded it!

It includes over $50 worth of content:

  • 12 Designer Series paper patterns
  • One 9-piece stamp brush set
  • 81 embellishments
  • 26 punches
  • Five designer templates (24-page 11″ x 8-1/2″ photobook, 7″ x 5″ postcard, 5″ x 7″ postcard, 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ greeting card, 4″ x 9-1/4″ trifold card)

You also get:

  • Opportunity to purchase additional downloads from designer templates to stamp brush sets–and everything in between
  • Click HERE to view the Catalog of all available downloads
  • Access to professional print services

If you come to love it then after 30 days you simply purchase My Digital Studio Express for JUST $39.95 or the My Digital Studio disc version.


Click HERE to get yours!

Commonly Asked Questions and their Answers:

Q – What is the difference between My Digital Studio Express and My Digital Studio?

A – My Digital Studio Express is software that you download directly to your computer or laptop – you get it instantly.

My Digital Studio comes on CDs – disks – that are shipped in the mail to you from Stampin Up.

Q – Is the trial version of My Digital Studio Express different from the one that you pay for?

A – NO – when you order the 30 day free trial version you receive the EXACT SAME FULL version – it works exactly the same – the only difference is that you can only use it for 30 days.

Q – How do I install My Digital Studio Express once I’ve ordered it?

A – You access the trial download through the Downloads section of your Stampin Up account – be sure to select Mac or Windows – and the installation wizards will walk you through the easy process.

Q – What are the system requirements for My Digital Studio Express?

A – Click HERE to see them

Q – I see that My Digital Studio Express comes with $50 of digital content – can I purchase more downloads to use with it?

A – Absolutely YES.

Q – What happens when the 30 day trial period is over?

A -After your 30 days is up, you will be asked to enter a ‘product key’ – you will not be able to use it again until you do so – you can get a ‘product key’ by purchasing My Digital Studio or My Digital Studio Express

Q – Will I lose the projects that I have been working on during the 30 days?

A – NO – you will still have them on your computer but you will not be able to edit any of them – if you purchase the software then YES you will be able to access & edit them.  Stampin Up recommends that you save them as .jpg files so that you will be able to use them just like you use other .jpg files you have.

Q – What happens to the Digital Downloads that I purchased?

A – You will still have them on your computer and will be able to use them with your paid-for version of My Digital Studio Express OR you can use them with most other digital design software packages too.

Q – After 30 days how do I purchase a copy?

A – You can order it via the online ordering system HERE – you can purchase either:

  • My Digital Studio Express – item no. 124483 – you will not need to re-install the software and your ‘product key’ will be emailed to you
  • My Digital Studio – item no. 118108 – which is in the form of disks which will be shipped to you via UPS

Q – If after 30 days I decide that I do not wish to purchase the software, what do I do?

A – you can uninstall the software anytime.

Get My Digital Studio Express FREE for ONE WHOLE MONTH!!!

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