Announcing ANOTHER amazing new product today – the innovative Talking Tags!

JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS – meaning you can attach voice messages to your cards, calendars, gifts & scrapbook items this Holiday season – simply PERFECT for those friends & family who are miles & miles away!

What is Talking Tag?

  • with Talking Tag, you can send a gift that is uniquely you
  • Talking Tag is a message label you can attach to cards, invitations, gifts, calendar pages, scrapbook pages . . . anything!
  • now your cards & pictures really can say a thousand words!
  • you will have the opportunity to listen, re-record, cancel, or confirm your message after you’ve completed recording it.
  • each label allows up to 60 seconds of message
  • to play the message, recipients will need to download the app and scan the code
  • messages are saved for two years, so they can listen to it over and over.
  • scroll down for a video showing you how it works and how utterly fabulous this new product is!

Guess what I am mailing for Christmas?! My own family all live over in England & Spain and haven’t visited in a couple of years – now I can mail them Christmas goodies with these tags attached so that they can hear us (especially the girls) – and they can replay those messages as often as they would like!

Here is a WORKING example of what they are – download the app, scan the box below and listen to the message!

Where can you find the FREE App?

  • download the FREE TalkingTagT App on your smartphone from, iTunes® or Google Play
  • the TalkingTag App is available for iPhone, iPad, Andriod and other Smartphone, Tablet & PC devices

How much do TalkingTags cost?

  • JUST $7.95 for 10 TAGS!
  • I was delighted at the price – this makes them just 79c each!
  • Click HERE to order yours – item code is 129723

So how does it work?

  • purchase a sheet of Talking Tag labels
  • download the FREE TalkingTagT App on your smartphone from, iTunes® or Google PlayT.
  • adhere the message tag to your card or gift
  • open TalkingTagT App and scan the code
  • record your message (recording starts immediately, so make sure your ready!)
  • detailed instructions come with your pack of tags

What a FABULOUS price for an amazing and innovative product – order yours soon so that they arrive in plenty of time to attach to those Holiday items you are busily creating!

Here is that video showing you this fabulous new product and how easy it is to use:



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